Ifsb Articles Of Agreement

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the Islamic Financial Services Council (IFSB) are pleased to announce the signing of a Technical Assistance Grant (TA) agreement for the final revision of the 10-year framework and the strategic project for the Islamic financial services industry. Implementation of the ISDB TA at IFSB is scheduled for 31 December 2021. [1] www.ifsb.org/press_full.php?id=158&submit=more Regarding the signing of this TA agreement, isDB Vice-President Of National Programmes, Dr Mansour Muhtar, said: „IsDB is pleased to support this project, which is the culmination of the 10-year IFSI strategy. The Islamic financial industry has evolved considerably during this period and has great opportunities, but also new challenges and new problems. The project should guide the industry in its future future and inform stakeholders of the critical measures we need to ensure its sustainability and growth. Guiding Principles for Advertising Bonds for Islamic Market Products (Sukk and Islamic Collective Investments) Revised Standard for Transparency and Market Discipline for Institutions Providing Islamic Financial Services, Secretary General of the Islamic Financial Services Council. The TA Fund will support advisory services, consulting workshops and the publication of the final report. The main objective of the final review is to assess progress and progress on priorities and recommended initiatives under the „10-year framework 2007“ and the mid-term review (2014) over the past decade, as well as the implementation of a future ifSI roadmap. The scale of the project includes Islamic banking, the Islamic capital market, Islamic insurance (tak√©ful) and Islamic banks and microfinance. . TA`s support will support consulting services, orientation workshops and the publication of the final report. Nine founding members signed the statutes on November 3, 2002.