Terms Of Service Agreement In India

The Shipping and Return Directive is part of the terms and conditions and, when the e-commerce unit concerned sells a commodity, it becomes important that this directive is also easy to find and understand. The product sold must match the description and purpose mentioned on the site. The product description should not be vague and does not open up any potential problems. We and the customer have the right to terminate any service contract for any reason, including termination of services already in progress. No refund is offered if you consider that a service has started and is in progress in all respects. The Terms of Use specify the conditions under which services are provided, all online business portals must define these terms of use. Each online business portal has a privacy policy, it defines what is done and what is not done with the user`s information. A C2B model, also known as customer-to-business, is the latest form of e-commerce model in which each customer offers to sell their products/services to companies that want to buy them. This model is quite the opposite of the `B2C` model. In a „B2B“ e-commerce model, a company sells products/services to another company through an online sales portal. Neither party is held responsible to the other party for non-compliance with an obligation to an agreement: Which is due to an event beyond the control of that party, including, but not only to an act of God, terrorism, war, political insurrection, insurrection, civil unrest, acts of civil or military authority, insurrection, earthquakes, floods or any other natural or human eventuality outside our control, which is the origin of the end of a treaty or treaty that has been concluded or could reasonably have been anticipated.

Any party involved in this event must immediately inform the other party and do whatever is reasonably necessary to comply with the terms of an agreement sin.de. The terms of use are a legal document that contains certain general conditions that must be met by the User who uses the Site. The service contract is legally binding if it is printed on non-judicial stamp paper or electronic stamp paper, signed and dated by both the service provider and the customer. The value of the buffer paper depends on the state in which it is executed. Each state of India has provisions on the amount of stamp duty payable on these agreements. Information on stamp duty can be found on the government`s websites.