Tu Facilities Agreement

The legislation and related documents covered in this agreement are: 4.16 More information on the means of communication available to trade unions is contained in Appendix 4. 3.11.2 Information on the consultation on redundancies when the university proposes to dismiss 20 or more officers (according to Section 188 of TULR (C) amended in 1992) in order to reach an agreement. That`s the minimum right. The length and frequency of leave must be reasonable in all circumstances. This agreement is not prescriptive and aims to strengthen the partnership through mutual agreement and flexibility over an appropriate break period. 4.6 Recognition and the bodies that grant this agreement to an accredited representative are withdrawn when: 4.1 representatives of recognized trade unions are duly put in place to fulfil their obligations under this agreement, in accordance with the Trade Union and Industrial Relations Act (1992), Section 168. The university, as an employer, recognizes elected representatives on behalf of their recognized union in the following functions: (a) it resigns from the union office for which recognition and institutions have been granted; 1.3 The purpose of this agreement is to meet the requirements of the relevant sections of the Worker Information and Consultation Regulation (2004), the Employment Rights Act (1996), the Trade Union-Labour Relations (1992) („TULR (C)A 1992“ and possible subsequent legislation or other labour relations. This is an agreement that exists under the Worker Information and Consultation Regulation (2004) and replaces all previous agreements. 3.2 The spirit and intent of the agreement is to promote the best possible relationship between the university and its employees represented by its recognized unions and to create a consensual method of discussion, consultation and negotiation to that end. Without prejudice to the provisions relating to management decisions established or made within the framework governed by the Charter and the statutes or by the general government of the university, this agreement aims to provide additional mechanisms to resolve problems between the university as an employer and the agents represented by unions recognized as employees. 6.2 This document outlines the procedures for dealing with and resolving differences in the form of collective issues that fall within the agreement, which are raised by its accredited representative of a union recognized on behalf of the members. 1.1 This agreement between the university and its recognized unions (collectively referred to as „parties“ in this document) is mentioned in point 2.1 below, and applies to all employees of the University of Bath, paid on nationally negotiated wage scales through the Joint Council for the Negotiation of University Staff (JNCHES).

In addition, the University and the University Union (UCU) are expressly recognized for collectively representing professors. 3.8 The declaration of dispute results in the continuation (or return) of the practice or agreement that existed prior to the amendments that led to the dispute.