Une Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

We were told not to impose our work bans, because management would take us to the industrial commission to have them arrested. Our position was that if the leaders went to the Commission to prevent us from taking action, they would avoid our members so that they would never get an agreement from us. The NSW Secretary of State then invited himself to the UN negotiating table in September 2019 and sent the white flag. He was not in the room earlier when he indicated that he wanted to give management what they wanted. What he said was „we want to do it“ and „I think we`re very close.“ We always had the main problem of the academic workload to solve – we were far from being together. „Unfortunately, our business negotiation is not going very well as we are not getting any movement from management to our proposed clauses,“ he said. TB: NTEU national and government officials have brought members to the door by spitting them out over the purported intention of the UN leadership to denounce the agreement. It should be said that at no time did management use these words to us, the local representatives. „The changes the ONE is looking for in this round of negotiations is an attempt to modernize existing agreements to adapt to community standards and outcomes at other universities. The UNE is required to continue negotiations at this stage, but it must have enterprise agreements that support the future viability of the UNE.“ The conditions of employment at the UTS are determined by various laws, collective agreements, common law and university police, practice and statutes. The agreement will be reached so as not to penalize the worker with respect to his terms of employment though: the University of New England branch of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) will meet today to discuss new union actions after more than a week of strikes during the enterprise negotiations. AM: The new enterprise agreement was put to the vote of all UN staff at the beginning of the year. What arguments did the national executive and the UN leadership use during the vote to advance the agreement? And how did the UN branch argue for a „no“ when it was our own union that pushed the agreement forward? „When similar models were introduced at other universities, this was done with the agreement of the NTEU and its members to negotiate companies,“ said the UNE spokesman.

„The NTEU believes that, in order to make progress towards a new agreement, the UN leadership must accelerate the pace of negotiations by renouncing: changing jobs; redundancy verification Misconduct and unsatisfactory performance procedures that undermine current employment protection,“ he said.