Chargers Rams Lease Agreement

2) To play, the Chargers pay $1 a year as part of a 20-year lease. The lease has two 10-year options that the Chargers control exclusively. 40 years old. And if the 20-year lease matures so the Chargers can exercise their first 10-year option to renew it, a generation of Angelenos will have grown up with a pair of NFL teams in the city, unlike the generation that grew up with none. So, yes, over time, more people will embrace the Rams or the Chargers, or both. While that unfolds, the Chargers will play in the best stadium in the league, on favorable terms. It would also have been monumental stupid for the Chargers and the NFL to allow them to be knitted in a long-term lease without an escape clause for any reason. Imagine that another stadium project could start in one way or another in the LA region. You`re telling me the Chargers and the league never thought about it? Having your own stadium would ultimately make a huge difference in the value of the Chargers franchise.

Make no mistake, the Chargers are very unlikely to change course, but to use the idea that written advertising and partnership agreements are the reason they are chained to a dollar lease would be deliberately misleading. If they decide to terminate the entire project, they may have to pay an infringement amount (and I have doubts about that because their „rent“ and participation in the project represent $200 million in NFL stadium loans) and return the 18.75% of SSL sales (stadium seat licence) that the team would otherwise retain. If there were more concrete details as to why the Chargers would not be able to break the contract, those details would be made public. It would not be a surprise if both teams tripled and consolidated such an agreement, although I cannot imagine that the Spanos family would want to continue to commit without an equal share of the reward. If San Diego fans come to Chargers games, why not keep the fucking franchise in San Diego? And while the current agreements are based on 2 teams and a whole series of games, Kroenke made his plans and they were approved solely on the basis of his team, and the Chargers only had the opportunity to participate in all side business to get the owner`s approval. He would have been quite happy to have LA for him, and his stadium can be just as viable.