J Sargeant Reynolds Transfer Agreement

Each section below provides an overview of a particular aspect of transmission. There are built-in links to guide the user to more details. Virginia Education Wizard Transfer Resources – Contains a planner that you can customize based on your transfer plans. Did you know that students who graduate from Reynolds with a 2-year associate transfer degree can save more than $20,000 by moving to a 4-year public university in Virginia? Visit our Career transfer center for more information. There are articulation agreements between individual community colleges and some schools or programs at the VCU. VCU has also entered into separate Memorandum of Understanding agreements with individual community colleges for reverse transfer, co-registration and VCU Honors College. Equivalency Guide courses are taught at a VCCS college. The equivalency guide illustrates how the courses listed are transferred to Liberty University. In addition to cross-cutting accreditation agreements, VCU has a number of transfer partnership contracts with community universities.

These agreements facilitate the smooth transfer of Funds from Community College to VCU Licensing Programs and the development of four years of card transfer. We have partnered with community colleges to offer future transfer students the same academic and career planning advice we offer to future first-year students at VCU. This guide includes a four-year curriculum that describes the courses and requirements of the community school in the first two years, as well as the courses that have yet to be taken at the VCU in the past two years. Following the recommendations of the transfer cards, Community College students: prepare for the academic challenges at VCU; financial statements in a timely manner, with minimal debt and a loss of transfer credits; and plan for a future after graduation. We currently have transfer cards for the following community colleges: However, the transfer is not flawless. In order to improve student success and identify when and where success takes place, two-year colleges that produce transfer students and four-year colleges they receive must be in partnership to provide feedback. The purpose of this report is to provide this feedback, particularly to two-year colleges, but four-year colleges will also find this data useful. The VCU has guaranteed accreditation agreements with a number of institutions. These agreements define the conditions for admission guaranteed to the VCU by the conclusion of an associate diploma. The agreements are valid up to one year after the end of the program and do not guarantee admission to professional or specialized programs such as art, engineering or health sciences. For more information, see the state`s transmission policy.

Reynolds Community College, with many four-year institutions, has unique agreements on the terms of transfer of Reynolds students to a bachelor`s program at the university or four-year university. These formal agreements are called articulation agreements. Read our transfer policy to find out how transferable courses are evaluated based on our Liberty University courses. The agreement only applies to LU Residential Degree programs. To facilitate the transfer process, VCCS and Liberty University offer the following guaranteed admission agreement. Reynolds graduates can receive up to $3,000 per year through the Virginia Two-Year College Transfer Grant.