Upon Your Agreement Italiano

Zendesk asks you to access and use an app developed by Zendesk, which can use the API and a non-Zendesk service (“non-Zendesk service”) and interact with it, provided by a third party in relation to your account (“Application”). If so, in the application, your use of the non-Zendesk service is subject to your contract with the third party and Zendesk is not responsible for the actions of the third party. The non-Zendesk service is developed, operated and maintained in a partisan manner by the third party and includes all by-products and services provided by the third party. Zendesk reserves the exclusive and absolute discretion as to whether the application is made available to them. You don`t have to use or activate the app, but if you choose to do so, your use and access to the app are subject to the terms of this Agreement. Zendesk can charge for the use and access to the app or provide the app for free. Zendesk reserves the right to calculate or revise tax amounts at any time, at its sole discretion, in accordance with this Agreement or after the service comes into force. You acknowledge that your use is governed by this Agreement and that the Subscription Master Contract (including all terms and conditions for associated services provided) does not apply to the application. 4.6 Cancellations/Amendments: Cancellations or changes to consulting services less than five (5) working days before the agreed start of advisory services are subject to cancellation of the board fees paid and booked. 3.7 In the event that the subscriber attempts to change the scope of the consulting services to be provided as part of a SOW form or order form (including, but not limited to, changes to the project plan described in the SOW or order form), the subscriber must discuss these proposed changes with Zendesk. If Zendesk decides to make such changes to consulting services, the parties cooperate in good faith to execute a written change order. Zendesk is entitled to an adjustment of the consulting fee according to the changes reflected in the order of the changes.

Zendesk is not required to provide derogatory or additional counselling services unless the parties have agreed to a written change order. 4.1 Payment and billing. All subscription fees are due at the beginning of your subscription period or, for an associated service made available, at the time of acquisition, subscription or any other supply, unless this contract, an order form, a work statement or additional conditions indicate anything else, or as agreed elsewhere for user fees.