Business Line Of Credit Agreement Form

INTEREST – PRINCIPAL: The unpaid capital of this line of credit becomes a simple interest equal to `% ` per year. Interest is calculated on the basis of the principal balance, which can be adjusted from time to time to reflect the additional advances made in this form. Interest on the unpaid balance of this communication is payable monthly, but is payable only when the principal balance of this communication becomes payable and payable. The main balance of this note is payable and payable on – No penalty is imposed for the early repayment of all or part of the principal. DEFAULT: The borrower is late if one of the following events occurs: (i) the borrower will not fulfill his obligation to pay the necessary interest or capital payments. (ii) the borrower is liquidated or liquidated; (iii) the borrower makes an assignment to creditors or is unable to acknowledge or admit in writing that he is unable to repay his debts when they mature; (iv) the borrower initiates or takes legal action in the context of an existing or future right of a jurisdiction in connection with bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization or surrender of debtors, or such action is brought against the undersigned; v) the borrower undergoes a designated recipient for him or one of his assets, or he suffers from a foreclosure, foreclosure, surrender or execution. FOR VALUE RECEIVED, ______die principal amount of — The borrower and the lender intend to create a line of credit between the borrower and the lender, the borrower being ready up to a loan from a loan from a loan from other borrowers, up to a loan from the borrower up to a Lender borrower. However, to the extent that the lender is not required to lend money to the borrower in this regard and the decision to lend that money is left to the lender`s sole discretion. SAFETY: This notice is replaced by a mortgage on certain real estate of the borrower in the REMEDIES: If this communication is delayed, the lender may immediately declare the amount due and due as due and payable. The lender may also use all legal and equity remedies to enforce and recover the amount owed under this note. The borrower hereshes out of the requirement, present, notice of dishonor, diligence in forfeiture, grace and message of protest.